Our Mission

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Promoting New Hampshire farms and agricultural products to restaurants, schools, hospitals, retail stores and the general public.

Our Mission

To enhance the viability of New Hampshire’s  farms, maintain our rural heritage and open spaces, help protect the environment and sustain local economies through promotion of our agricultural products and education of the public on the importance of local food security.



The New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection links New Hampshire farms and food businesses with New Hampshire restaurants. Today’s consumers are more aware and concerned about the sources of their food supply making locally produced foods very significant. Restaurant promotion of local foods would enhance both the restaurant business and the farm/food business, while helping to maintain New Hampshire’s economic and rural landscapes.

The NHFRC will be devoted to the improvement of the farms, food businesses, and restaurants within New Hampshire and the geographic area surrounding New Hampshire. The NHFRC association will seek to educate the general public on the benefits of fresh, local produce. The NHFRC association will seek to advance and promote the general conditions and best management practices of all the farmers, food businesses, and restaurants within the state of New Hampshire, as well as the interests of the state as a whole, through outreach programs.

The NHFMA is organized as a standing committee of the New Hampshire Stories, Inc., a New Hampshire Nonprofit Corporation . NH Stories, Inc. is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. NH Stories does business as NH Made and uses the website, NHMade.com.  


Helpful Links to Our Partners

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  • President: Charlie Burke
  • Vice President: Rachelle Lyons
  • Secretary: Gail McWilliam Jellie
  • Treasurer: Susan Bullock


  • Ed Aloise
  • Ben Amsden, PhD
  • Helen Brody
  • Amanda Costello
  • Amy Hall
  • Susan Laughlin
  • Rachelle Lyons
  • Brandon Miller
  • Jeffrey Paige
  • Sara Zoe Patterson
  • Stacey Purslow
  • Claudia Rippee
  • Mike Somers
  • Trish Taylor
  • Alice Tuson
  • Earl Tuson