About Our Point System

How Local Are You?

Our method of determining whether a location is certified local relies on several factors. Each factor generates around the same amount of points, which are then used to assess whether you are eligible for certification.

As a general rule of thumb, if you source most of your ingredients from farms or other locations in our great state of New Hampshire, then you probably already meet the criteria. If you do not, we can offer advice and connections to help you meet the certification criteria.

Our point system is based on a total of 160 possible points, and is used to determine whether your establishment is a sustainable, locally certified location. Please see below to see where we allocate these points:



This is one of the simplest ways to earn 2 to 10 points. We base this on various factors ranging from availability, selection and regularity.

Total Possible Points: 10


We treat meats in the same fashion that we treat produce. You may earn 2 to 10 points based on your availability, selection and frequency of available locally sourced meats.

Total Possible Points: 10

Smoke House

Smoke House products are those that are typically not from New Hampshire and are seen as lower value meat. If you always have smoke house products on your menu, you can count on 4 points right away. If you occassionally offer smoke house products you will earn 2 points.

Bonus: If your smoke house products are from New Hampshire Meats, hats off; you'll earn an extra 6 points!

Total Possible Points: 10

Fish & Seafood

Perfect selection of fish can net you a total of 8 points if you always have fish on-hand! If you have fresh fish a few times a week you can expect around 5 points. For restaurants that serve fish occasionally as a special offering, you'll earn 2 points.

Total Possible Points: 8


One of our favorites, fresh New Hampshire cheese. This is an easy way to earn 10 points if you have 3 or more offerings of New Hampshire sourced cheese. If you have New Hampshire cheese on your menus at least a few times a week you will earn 6 points. Occasional cheese offerings will earn around 2 points.

Total Possible Points: 10


Local sourced dairy products are a great way to help our beautiful state's agriculture thriving and prosperous. If you offer New Hampshire sourced dairy in any capacity, we will give you 10 points. Occasional dairy offerings will earn you 2 points.

Total Possible Points: 10


A staple of our way of life, New Hampshire made Maple tree products will always earn you 8 points.

Total Possible Points: 8


Earn 6 points if you have New Hampshire made honey.

Total Possible Points: 6


What better way to wash down a locally sourced meal than to pair it with a locally sourced New Hampshire wine. If you have five or more wine selections, you will automatically earn 10 points. If you have fewer than 5 we will still give you 6 points and the occasional special New Hampshire wine will get you 2 points.

Total Possible Points: 10


Micro breweries and locally crafted beers are a wonderful thing, which is why we will give you 8 points for carrying five or more local brews on your menu. Fewer than five New Hampshire brewed beers will get you around 4 points and for the occasional local offering, you'll still earn 2 points!

Total Possible Points: 8

Other Spreadables & Drinkables

We haven't forgot about all the other meticulously crafted New Hampshire products. These products include breads, mustards, jams, jellies, coffee, tea, and all other products that were created at one of our great farms. Five or more various New Hampshire sourced products will earn you an additional 8 points, with fewer than 5 earning you a total of 4 points.

Bonus: If you obtain your products from NH Made you will earn extra points!! Support our local artisans

Total Possible Points: 10

Promotion of local products and farms

Supporting our cause isn't limited to simply purchasing local products. If you actively promote local products and farms at your location, it will not go unnoticed! Possible promotions include but are not limited to: Signs, blackboard, logo on menu, names of farms on menu and in advertising, special hosted events at your location. Any or all of these can earn you 2 to 10 points!

Total Possible Points: 10

NH Crafts (NH Made/League of NH Craftsmen)

If you provide food products, cheese, wine, etc. in your gift shop, you can earn an extra 4 to 8 points.

Bonus: If you source these products from NH Made or League of NH Craftsmen, you can expect an extra 2 points.

Total Possible Points: 10

Use of NH products (candles, pottery, etc)

Supporting our state and artisans is not limited to consumables. If your dining/location contains products that were created in New Hampshire, such as candles, pottery, decorations, artwork, etc. you are eligible for 2 to 8 points.

Bonus: If you purchased these products from NH Made or League of NH Craftsmen, you can expect an extra 2 points.

Total Possible Points: 10


Do you display flowers regularly? If they are sourced from a New Hampshire shop, add 3 to 6 points.

Total Possible Points: 6


If you process your compost and produce waste in a sustainable way, you will earn an extra 6 points.

Bonus: If you return your waste directly back to a grower/farm, you'll earn an extra 2 points.

Total Possible Points: 8

Exclusively Feature NH Bottling

If you have New Hampshire bottled water, soda, or other beverage, you will earn 6 points.

Bonus: If your bottles are returnable containers you will earn an extra 2 points.

Total Possible Points: 8