Point System for Certified Local Designation


Number of Seats:

Classification of facility




Based on Availability, Selection, Regularity, Absolute Quantity

2 (occasionally) - 10 (daily)                                 Total:

NH Meat on Menu

 Based on Availability, Selection, Regularity                        Total:

2 (occasionally) - 10 (daily)

Smoke House Products (lower value because meat is not usually from NH)
2 (occasionally) - 4 (always) 10 (NH meat daily)                    Total:


NH Fish on Menu

2 (occasional specials) 5 (2-3 times/week)  8 (daily)                    Total:


NH Cheese on Menu

2 (occasional specials) 6 (3 times weekly) 10 ( three or more offerings daily)    Total:                


Dairy (excluding cheese)

2 (occasional) - 10 (daily)                                Total:


NH Maple Syrup and maple products

8 (daily)                                        Total:


NH Honey

6 (always)                                        Total:


NH Wine or Spirits on Menu

2 (not on menu but occasionally featured)  6 (1-4)  10 (5 or more)            Total

NH Beer

2 (occasionally featured)   4(1-4 daily)   8 (5 or more daily)                Total:


Value Added Products Served

Bread, mustard jams, jellies, coffee & tea, etc.

4 (1-4)  8 (5 or more daily)  2 point bonus if 4 or more produced by
NH Made member(s)                                    Total:

Promotion of local products and farms

Signs, blackboard, logo on menu, names of farms on menu and in advertising

2 - 10 (determined by effectiveness and impact)                    Total:

Gift Shop

NH Crafts,value added food products, cheese, wine in gift shop:

4( 2-4 items)     8 (5 or more) 2 point bonus if 4 or more produced by
NH Made member(s)                                    Total:

Use of NH products (candles, pottery, etc) in dining room:

2-8 (determined by effectiveness and impact)  2 point bonus if 2 or more
from NH Made member(s)                                Total:

 NH Grown Flowers displayed:  

3-6 (determined by evaluator)                            Total:

Composts produce waste:

6, with 2 point bonus if returned to growers                        Total

 Feature NH bottled water or soda:

6, with 2 point bonus if in returnable container                     Total:

Achievable points                                    Total: 150**

Points achieved                                    Total:

Percentage of achievable points                            Total:    

**Points in categories not relevant to facility (eg gift shop, meat, dairy in a
vegan restaurant) are deducted when calculating percentage achieved.