Guidelines for Hosting a NHFTRC Sanctioned Growers Dinner

  • Integrity of product origin is not negotiable. Once the parameters for origins are established, truth-in-menu, use of local purveyors and the use of product in good condition and excellent quality are all essential for credibility and marketability.
  • Each item on the menu should have a significant portion of New Hampshire product. Product used may not be necessarily all from New Hampshire, but it should include the major food items, as well as “signature” brand items. For instance, Maine mussels could be used, but it would be appropriate that they might be steamed in Smuttynose Ale from New Hampshire.
  • Menu language and promotion materials that highlight local color, romance, and history all add to the grabbing of attention as well as marketability.
  • In the case of products with multiple high quality producers, such as farmstead cheeses, maple syrups and artisan breads and preserves, a taste panel approach is beneficial. Whether as a separate course, parallel recipes, or in an actually product station format, the range and quality of a product that is available can be showcased.
  • Foods should always be built and matched to show their best sides. When beverages are involved, they need to be used to provide contrast as well as harmonization of flavors.
  • Price points need to be buyer friendly and, according to the desired market. One exception to this would be marketing of a dinner by a “name “chef or critically acclaimed restaurant. Too low a price could have the opposite of the desired effect. Even at a higher price point there can be excellent perceived value.
  • NHFRC strongly encourages the purchase of processed goods from licensed facilities and meat and poultry that meets USDA or applicable state standards.

When requesting to hold an official NH Growers’ Dinner, please submit a menu for the proposed event, listing the sources of foods (farm/food business name, town). We are available to help identify sources of foods for your event.

Please contact Gail McWilliam Jellie at 271-2788 or Special dinner events at New Hampshire restaurants where the majority of the dinner courses are made of New Hampshire produced foods.