Recipe of the Week


We will be posting a weekly recipe, highlighting local, seasonal ingredients from New Hampshire farms and food producers. Many will come from archives of The Heart of New England, an award winning “e-magazine” with great information and stories of New England published in Keene, NH by Marcia Duffy. To see the current edition and to subscribe to this free magazine, go to the Heart of New England. Please note that the tag at the end of many recipes list Charlie Burke as Vice President of the NH Farmers Market Association and as helping run the Sanbornton Farmers Market; these were past positions.

10/31 Butternut Squash Soup 

 The recent snow and cold air makes this the perfect time for hearty soups. Try this velvety smooth soup that takes advantage of the abundant supply of butternut squash.

10/10 From the Pumpkin Patch

Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy the bounty of  the pumpkin patch. Marcia Duffy goes beyond the delights of pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread to bring you novelties such as pumpkin a vinagrette.

 10/3  Apple Coffee Cake

It is apple season! Time to sip cider, bake pies, bob for apples, visit an orchard to pick your own. Here is an easy recipe for an apple coffee cake that will celebrate fall.

9/22 No Knead Bread

As the fall approaches, and cool weather moves in it is a great time to start baking again. With this recipe for no knead bread  you can create a crusty European style loaf right in your own oven. 

9/12  Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Spagetti

Summer isn’t over yet. Tomatoes are still ripening on the vine and here is a hearty way to make the most of them.

9/5 Ratatouille

Late summer in New England yields an abundance of our favorite vegetables – heirloom tomatoes, tender small squash, eggplant, peppers and onions, along with aromatic basil and a new crop of garlic. These are combined in a variety of similar dishes throughout southern Europe, none better than ratatouile from southern France. Served warm, at room temperature or cold, it goes well with roasted meat, poultry or fish, and, with bread and cheese, makes a great light lunch.

8/28 Fresh tomato and basil pasta sauce

In New Hampshire, the peak tomato season is all too short, so now is the time to enjoy an uncooked fresh tomato sauce, which is commonly served in Italy. The sauce is warmed only by the cooked pasta, so the full flavor of your favorite tomatoes comes through, complemented by only basil, garlic, sea salt and olive oil. This sauce can literally be prepared while the pasta is boiling, perfect for a summer night. The link is to a column which also has hints on growing pesto and a link to some neighbors who produce wonderful sea salt from the pristine waters of northern Maine.

8/17 Pesto!
The recent heat has basil growing faster than we can cut it. The recipe for this week was written late in the year, when basil was past its prime, but, now that it is at its peak, it should be harvested to make pesto. The recipe can be easily multiplied if made in a food processor and individual recipes frozen for a taste of summer in fall or winter. A great pasta topping, pesto also can transform roasted chicken when it is spread under and on the skin and elevates chicken salad when substituted for or mixed with mayonnaise. Swordfish or other fillets broiled with pesto need no other sauce or flavoring. Pine nuts are traditional simply because they grow in Liguria, where pesto originated, but toasted walnuts work perfectly well, or nuts can be omitted if allergy is a concern.

8/8  Gazpacho

With so many garden veggies at their peak now is the perfect time to try making some Gazpacho. This cold soup is a great way to prepare the garden’s bounty and it is an appealing soup even in the dog days of August.

8/1   NH Corn is Ready

This weeks recipe is simple, Grilled Corn on the Cob. Rather than going through the trouble of boiling a big pot of water and heating up the kitchen, try preparing your NH corn on the cob on the grill. Follow this link for  Grilled Corn on the Cob instructions.

7/19 Blueberries are here…

Mid summer brings us many garden delights, among them the beloved blueberry. Try this recipe for Cold Blueberry Soup . It is even better if you pick your own berries.Click here for a link to PYO farms.

7/12 This week’s recipes uses fresh local goat cheese from Heart Song Farm in Gilmanton, NH, paired with young arugula. The photo is of an arugula bed at Weather Hill Farm in Sanbornton, NH, which previously grew certified organic greens for restaurants.

To view this recipe, please go to this link: Heart of New England