Details and FAQ


Q. Why is there a fee for applying to the Certified Local program?

A. The fee covers administrative expenses of the application and verification process and does not guarantee certification. In addition we have designed unique versions of our logo to designate certified restaurants and will be providing brochures listing these restaurants and other materials promoting the restaurants, farmers and the NH Farm to Restaurant Connection, all of which will be partially funded by the fees.

Q. How does a restaurant benefit from certification?

A. Increased public awareness of the advantages of eating locally-produced food has led to expectations that restaurants serve local products.  Certification will increase loyalty of customers who understand the importance of supporting local farms and the positive impact on the local economy, and identifying the sources of your product increases client’s confidence in its safety, freshness and quality .

Also, we will serve as a resource, connecting you with farmers and enhancing availability and distribution of local products. We will also continue to assist in marketing certified restaurants in partnership with NH Made, the NH Lodging and Restaurant Association, NH Travel and Tourism and other like minded organizations. We also envision a “Food Trail” map, featuring participating restaurants and farms.

Q:What are the benefits to the consumer?

A:The NH Farm to Restaurant Connection was established to strengthen the connection between local food growers/producers and local restaurants.  Supporting local agriculture results in economic, environmental and quality of life benefits. Even more it delivers quality, unique products and freshness to the table. By supporting local farms you support the heritage, rural character and economy of New Hampshire.  A bonus is that you get to eat fresh, healthy food, grown close to home. The Certified Local program seeks to highlight restaurants that are committed to supporting local agriculture. Certified Local designation indicates that restaurants meet the criteria, set forth by NH Farm to Restaurant Connection, that demonstrate thoughtful purchasing practices in support of NH growers and producers.

∙Buying local helps support small farms and preserve the rural character of New Hampshire.

∙Buying local keeps more dollars in New Hampshire’s economy.

∙Buying local means food doesn’t need to be shipped long distances; this saves tons of carbon emissions.

∙Local food varieties can be grown for flavor rather than shelf life, so it tastes better.

∙Buying local connects communities.

∙Buying local provides opportunity to try novel foods that reflect seasonality.

∙Buying local supports bio diversity and food security.